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the Fraser Coast area

Committed to making your environment look and feel good as new!

Priority Carpet Cleaning's expert upholstery cleaners in the Fraser Coast area have over 7 years of experience with some of the toughest stains and infestations of dust mites and mould. Not only do we take care of what you can see, but the things that you cannot, guaranteeing you a stain-free and sanitary environment.

We work in homes and workplaces wherein our upholstery cleaners in the Fraser Coast area use the strongest, yet safest cleaning products available to the professional cleaning industry.

We are the Best Mattress Cleaners on the Fraser Coast. If you are looking for a professional Mattress Cleaning Service - we are the company that offers a professional service for a cleaner fresher mattress.

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Just like your carpet, the upholstery fabrics on your furniture are made from various blends of different fibres. Priority Carpet Cleaning's upholstery cleaners in the Fraser Coast area are capable of spot testing to establish exactly what products need to be used to clean them without doing any damage to their optimum lifespan.

Don’t give up on even the most highly-stained furniture before you allow one of our professional upholstery cleaners in the Fraser Coast area to have a look at it. We have seen many stains come out that were at first thought to be irremovable, leaving the fabric good as new simply by using the right cleaning product. Contact us for a free quote today! More Information about Upholstery Cleaning.


There are many types of different carpets, made from various blends of fibres, that require specific cleaning agents which only professional cleaners have access to and knowledge about. Priority Carpet Cleaning’s cleaners are highly educated about these differences and expert at using the right cleaning applications for each specific carpet.

Priority Carpet Cleaning’s professional cleaners in the Fraser Coast area will always save you money in the long run by ensuring the lifetime of your carpet is kept to its optimum. We’ll clean the carpets in your home or workplace with the right product to create that good as new look and feel.

Tiled & hardfloor

Replacing tiled or hardfloor can be very expensive. With Priority Carpet Cleaning’s professional tile and hardfloor cleaners in the Fraser Coast area, we can often restore tiled or your hardfloor to a good as new look that will keep your home or workplace beautifully polished for years to come.

We have the capacity to strip, clean, buff and polish your tiled and hardfloors quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with your day. Our cleaners in the Fraser Coast area have had many years of experience in removing stubborn stains and ensuring your tiled or hardfloor has a fresh look that you will be happy with. Call Priority Carpet for a free estimate for your floor! More Information about Tile Cleaning.